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CertaPro Painters Complaints

CertaPro Complaints CertaPro Painters:
"We put the pain in painting"

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Certapro gags customers

"They tried to get us to sign a non-disclosure so people won't find out how shady they are, but we refused." source

"Fought for weeks to come to a resolution, but not allowed to bad-mouth them on line - no BBB, no Angie's List, nothing w/out a financial hit for telling the whole story and identifying the specific company involved." source

CertaPro Painters Complaints Lawsuit Are you a disgruntled CertaPro Painters customer or franchisee who might be interested in pursuing a lawsuit?

Certapro Customer Shares Pictures of Window Glazing & Painting

Certapro Painters Window Glazing
"The person was glazing the window above, dropped the glazing on the deck and now it is PERMANENTLY STAINED! Paid 15,000.00 for the deck the year before! "

Undocumented Workers:

Document and report suspected use of undocumented migrant workers ("illegals"):

Undocumented workers can be taken advantage of: Lower wages, no overtime pay, no benefits, no coverage for on-the-job injuries, unpaid hours. If you suspect undocumented workers are being used: Obtain and record as much information as you can (vehicle information, license plate numbers, workers' names, photos, calendar record of events, Certapro assurances, etc.). Be sure to record the franchisee's name and contact information.

U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement also accepts anonymous tips via their toll free tip line. Call the line at (866) 347-2423. Do not report a company by phone if you have already done so online, however. When asked, provide as much information about the situation as possible. You should be able to give the name of the company and details about the undocumented workers. If you want, you can provide your name and contact information when making a tip, but you can remain anonymous if you prefer.
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Fill out the (anonymous) tip form at ICE.gov

Do you believe you were scammed?
File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

  • CertaPro Painters is a franchise.

  • The franchise marketing says "NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY".

  • Many CertaPro franchisees use subcontractors
    (paid maybe 50% of the job price).

  • The CertaPro franchisee failure rate is perhaps 90% or more.

What could possibly go wrong?

Numerous complaints have been directed at CertaPro Painters.

It's to be expected when a company uses subcontractors.
The subcontractors may be paid only about half of what the customer pays for the paint job.

From Certapro's FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document) given to prospective buyers of its franchise:

  Certapro Painters FDD

CertaPro Painters Complaints

CertaPro Painters Complaints May Originate From
"No Experience Required"

Certapro Painters sells franchises telling prospective buyers "no experience required". You can imagine what happens next.

They may have to do a lot of on-the-job learning.
And, of course, we learn from our mistakes.

CertaPro Painters Complaints May Originate With

(Pick One: Quality or Quick)

CertaPro franchisees may use subcontractors.
Using subcontractors can have mixed results.
The subcontractor may receive only 50% or so of the price of the job.

Certapro Painters FDD

The subcontractor my be focused on "quick".
"Quality" and "Quick" may not be compatible.

  CertaPro Complaints
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"CertaPro Painters Pricing High":
A Certapro Painters' franchisee has to pay about 5% royalty and 3% advertising fees. That's 8% which a non-franchise painter won't have to pay. There could be several reasons for a higher CertaPro price. But if the CertaPro franchisee uses subcontractors, there might be room for bargaining (in which case the subcontractor may simply be paid less).

CertaPro Painters Franchise Complaints:
A History of Franchise Failure

CertaPro franchisees are usually great people who work very hard.
However, they may find themselves in over their heads...many (most?)
franchisees go out of business. I suspect that, for most, it's for financial reasons.

CertaPro's Marketing Hype:
Certa ProPainters' marketing may be dubious in terms of its veracity.

CertaPro, or its agents, have flooded the web with all sorts of marketing propaganda, including a number of "franchisee testimonials". Take them all with a grain of salt. Many of them may be relatively new franchisees whose "minimum annual franchise fee" has not yet kicked in.

Certapro franchisees failure rate may be 90% or higher.

 Are The Customer Review Claims Hyped?

CertaPro claims it contacts all customers to get a rating. I doubt it. When I was a franchisee, a third-party firm called customers when a job was complete. But they were only able to get freedback from maybe half of my customers. I don't believe ALL CertaPro customers provide feedback to CertaPro (or its agent).

Here's an example of how CertaPro's claims about customer satisfaction may be misleading or inaccurate:

Note: I believe this franchisee, like so many others, eventually went out of business.

 CertaPro Painters Complaints From Customers:
  Click here to view some customer complaints about CertaPro

 CertaPro Painters Complaints From Franchisees:
  Hey, CertaPro franchisee: Do you have concerns about failing?

 High Franchisee Failure Rate:
  The failure rate for Certapro Painters franchisees may be as high as 90% or more.

Other videos demonstrating franchise failure:

Florida franchise failures
New Jersey franchise failures

 CertaPro Hired a Company to Bury The Complaints:

Certapro Painters hired Aviatech, a "reputation management" company, to try to bury websites and videos which were critical of the Certapro franchise, and they have attempted to publish their own Certapro "review" sites. They have flooded the web and YouTube with propaganda and misrepresentation.

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